I am not a superwoman or a supermom. I admit that I can’t be equally devoted to my career and my family at the same time. But I can’t stand the abuse of women by their life partners or injustice done to women just because of their gender. In some countries, baby girls are being killed just because they’re girls, while in Western countries, women are paid less than men for doing the same job. These things are crimes done to women, who are all our sisters just because we are women and we have so many things in common.

I hate to say this, but very sadly, it really has been my observation that most women would rather choose to want to compete against one another, no matter where they may find themselves. They would often break each other down, not necessarily by what they say, but in the way they say it, all of this in spite of the problems we have to face and the struggles we have to endure in our journey of womanhood. Why are we forever coming at each other like cats in a catfight, scratching each other so much that there’s blood, teeth and hair all over the place instead of building each other up with sincere encouraging advice from the heart?

If we all have something good in us and we all have something to give to someone else, then why do housewives accuse career women of not knowing their place and of concentrating so hard on their careers that they neglect to take care of their homes and marriages on a physical, emotional, and sexual level, and why do career women break housewives down for not working outside the home environment and for lacking ambition?

If the fact that we’re all women leaves us with so many things we have in common, then why do mothers argue among each other and send one another on guilt trips about things that won’t last forever and that will pass away, such as the choice of your birth plan, breastfeeding and formula-feeding, cloth diapering or using disposable diapers, public or home schooling, and so on and so forth despite us being fortunate enough to conceive and have (or adopt) children and the mutual desire we share to raise them to the best of our ability,?

If we all can learn something from one another, then why do mothers and their adult daughters or two sisters fight or argue about how right or wrong the beliefs of the other are when it comes to child-rearing, career and life choices, and religious issues?

Having experienced what it’s like to be a housewife and a career woman (at different times in my life of course), I have at some stage heard, witnessed and involved myself with such arguments, and I can tell you: they never lead to anything good or positive., Instead, these arguments often leave women despondent and angry at each other, and cause more and more division among women, which I don’t think we need. Rather, I think women in general need to be built up, and I believe this is doable despite the many things on which we don’t always agree.

The purpose of this blog, then, is to equip every woman reading it or participating in the conversations inspired by its articles, with practical ways by which we can promote and enhance peaceful and sincerely compassionate relationships between women so that we will be inspired by one another to do whatever we feel we’re called to do.

I know there are many other discussion sites with women in mind, and you are more than welcome to visit these as well, because I do not stand in competition with any person or organization that serves women exclusively. I’m not in some sort of a blogging contest, neither am I an expert in coaching women to be women. I have a lot to learn myself, and I truly believe that the moment I die will be the moment when I’ll finally stop learning from the insight of others, whether or not they share my religious or other convictions.

However, my writings in other blogs I’ve had in the past have inspired other women, and I got positive feedback from many women, telling me that they’ve been enriched by my posts. It’s so good to hear you’ve reached and ministered to people with the gifts and talents you have, and that’s what I hope to do for you who are reading this.